Tender Specifications

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Welcome to the Website of Tender Specifications by Siemens

How to use this site

1) If you want to see this website in German, please click “Deutsch” (below the picture).

2) The tender specification texts are divided into the topical areas of Technical Building Equipment, Industrial Controls, and Process and Factory Automation. The desired area can be selected using the menus above the search function. All specification texts for this area are displayed in the window below in form of a tree structure.

3) The search function can be used to find tender specification texts relating to specific terms, designations or order numbers in the selected area. The search results are marked in the tree structure and the corresponding specification text is displayed.

4) The top right window shows the selected specification text in its short and long version.

5) The window below the buttons lists the tender specification texts you have compiled. Only the short text is displayed. These texts can be selected by clicking the “Add“ button (for an individual specification text) or by clicking the “Add directory” button (for a complete directory which was marked in the tree structure).
This compilation of tender specification texts can be adapted to your own specification of services by moving texts (“Up” / “Down” buttons), or if absolutely necessary, by deleting individual texts (“Delete” button).

6) When the compilation of tender specification texts is completed, they will be ready for download, as soon as you have clicked the “Export“ button and selected an output format.